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Cadillac Northstar Engine

We are offering the Cadillac Northstar engine, that will fit all 95 to 2008 Cadillac vehicles, any vin code . These engines include remanufactured block and cylnder heads including all mew valvetrain components and ship with timing cover, and all gaskets neccessary for installation. 

These engines are not produced in an assembly line, but they are very carefully remanufactured with a lot of attention to detail as they are a lot more sophisticated than any other American built engine. To correct and prevent the most common couse of failure in these engines, which is pulled threads that cause blown head gaskets, a procedure recommneded by Cadillac is followed, which consists in drilling and tapping the old threaded holes and installing new solid alloy inserts, which renders a much stronger engine than the original assembly that was built at the GM factory.

Because of all the care that goes into assembling these engines, and the extensive record without failures, a full  3 yr/ unlimited mileage warranty is offered that covers both parts and labor.


1995 to 1999 Engine  3,400.00

2000 to 2008 Engines 3,500.00

Core charge is 350.00 in either case and will be refunded after inspection.