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AGAP is the oldest company shipping rebuilt engines and engine parts to every state in the country. We Ship Rebuilt American and Japanese Engines , Light and Medium Duty Diesel, Marine Engines, Wholesale Engine Parts and Assorted engine accessories. 


Our Engine Kits coverage extends not only to AMERICAN, JAPANESE and EUROPEAN Engines, but also LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY DUTY Diesel Engines, and FARM and INDUSTRIAL TRACTORS as well. In our kits, we use only the finest brands in the engine business, including Clevite, Sealed Power, Melling, FelPro, Perfect Circle, ITM, Top Line, Federal Mogul, Mahle etc.
We serve every State in the USA, North, Central and South America, The Caribbean and most countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East


We offer Professionally rebuilt Automatic and Manual Transmissions that incorporate the latest tech bulletins from the original manufacturers. All of these transmissions are dyno tested and fully adjusted for smooth shifting. No more adjusting necessary, just remove the old and replace with the new remanufactured unit . Coverage includes most American and Import Vehicles, and also Medium and Heavy duty Trucks. Call Us with your needs and we will be happy to quote you over the phone. 800 334 2427


Along with our rebuilt engines, rebuilt transmissions, and internal engine parts, we offer other parts that you may need to complete your installation such as, new and reclaimed OIL PANS, TIMING COVERS, INTAKE AND EXHAUST MANIFOLDS AND HARMONIC BALANCERS


We carry parts from all the top Hi Performance Brands, including Edelbrock, Crane Cams, Comp Cams, MSD, Holley, Moroso, Milodon, World Products, Professional Products, Accel, Scat, Eagle, Mr Gasket and many more


At AGAP Texas Engines, we are specialists in the area of engine rebuilding and wholesale engine parts. If you're an automotive shop looking for a professional engine rebuilder or simply need engine parts at wholesale prices for your repair job, we are the only place you need to go! We rebuild and have parts for any foreign or domestic engine as well as Light, Medium and Heavy Duty diesel engines, and all parts for marine engines as well.  While we primarily sell to auto shops, we also offer private party retail sales. We are the only company servicing nationwide accounts in all 50 states and abroad since the early 1980's!

Car - Contact our engine rebuilder in Dallas, Texas, for rebuilt engines and wholesale engine parts.

Contact Us to Order Your Wholesale Engine Parts or to ship your Rebuilt Engine!

High-Performance Engine Parts From:

MSD™ • Crane™ • Comp Cams™ • Edelbrock™ • Holley™ • Mallory™ • Moroso™ 
TRW™ • Speed-Pro™ • World Products™ • Mr. Gasket™  • Crane Cams™  

Competitively Priced Brand-Name Engine Kits:

Federal Mogul™ • Clevite™ • Melling™ • Sealed Power™  Perfect Circle™ • FELPRO™ • Cloyes™ • Engine Pro™  • Hastings™

About Our Business
In business for more than 20 years, AGAP Texas Engines has the experience and parts you need for all your engine jobs. We use only the best brands in our engine kits as well as in our rebuilt engines. We also sell rebuilt automatic and manual transmissions. On our signature long blocks for passenger vehicles, we offer a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty. When you're in need of a rebuilt engine or wholesale engine parts, make AGAP Texas Engines the only place you go! We strive for quality and pride ourselves on fast, convenient service!

Mechanic - Contact our engine rebuilder in Dallas, Texas, for rebuilt engines and wholesale engine parts.

Contact Us in Dallas, Texas, for Rebuilt
Engines and Wholesale Engine Parts!

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CST

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